Winnipeg Apartment Block Painting

winnipeg apartment block paintingNo property manager wants vacant living spaces. Other than price, overall appeal of your rental property is one of the most important factors when tenants search for housing. Both the interior condition and exterior condition of your Winnipeg apartment block painting need to be clean and well-painted. That’s where we come in!

Additionally, it’s recommended that landlords and property managers repaint the interior of a building at least once every three years. Depending on your tenants, the inside of your apartment complexes, townhouses, or condos may need to be painted as often as every year or when a tenant moves out.

At Commercial Brush Works, we work with property management companies and private building owners to find an apartment block painting solution that’s right for you. We can paint multiple units, an entire building, or your entire property.

When it comes to apartment block painting, no project is too big or small. From suburban apartment blocks to high-rise buildings, we can offer a full revamp with new, modern colours.

Our apartment block painting services include:

full exteriors, the interior of stairwells, foyers, lobbies, common areas, balcony metal railings and privacy screens, and extend to water proofing as well.

Waterproofing before painting your apartment block is so important

Painting the exterior of an apartment block isn’t simply a case of applying a few coats of paint.  There’s a lot of preparatory work to be done to unsure that the building is completely waterproofed so that the paint can do its job of providing first level protection and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

For all Winnipeg apartment block painting projects we wash the building down thoroughly, removing all pollution, dirt, dust, mould, mildew and other surface contaminants.

All apartment block painting will follow specification guidelines, with only trade-qualified personnel undertaking tasks and a supervisor on site at all times.