Infill Home Building

Commercial Restoration Services are a Winnipeg home building company specializing in in-fill Lots

winnipeg home buildersWe work on tearing down old homes and putting up new ones in established beautiful mature neighborhoods in and around the Winnipeg area.

We have many different designs to look over and can build one-story houses, two-story houses or a duplex. We also specialize in subdividing Lots which is a great alternative for good use of land space and taking advantage of mature neighborhood benefits.

Commercial Restoration Services is a forerunner in in-fill housing – Our groundbreaking designs in urban infill lots – building skinny homes or sometimes they’re called the skinnies is a brand new thing to the Winnipeg and Winnipeg area.

Putting a beautiful new home in a mature neighborhood bringing up the property values of all the areas around it.  We specialize in middle of the road affordable Winnipeg housing not the highest and and definitely far from the bottom and we feel that we provide the best value possible in our Unique Designs and material uses.

All of our  homes come with brand new new home warranty. The objectives of new home warranty insure that the house is built up to building code standards and with good practice.

You can see more about the warranty here

If you feel you own a lot that can be subdivided and would like to work with somebody we would be very happy to talk to you.

We are always looking for lots to purchase and houses that can be torn down and replaced with two new houses.

We also build RTM homes – ready to move homes that can be placed on your lot.  We also specialize in modular building and residential land development.